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The Steps We’re Taking

From our cleaning crews to our airline partners to the people working concessions, everyone at OAK is committed to creating a comfortable, clean, and protected environment. We’re asking for you to pitch in as well.

Face Coverings

The Oakland International Airport follows guidance from the Alameda County Health Office that requires face coverings in public settings. Anyone over the age of 2 on the airport grounds must have a face covering that covers the nose and mouth thoroughly. Many face-covering options are available, including bandanas, scarfs, or other fabric, or commercially manufactured breathable masks that can be purchased online or in many stores.

Social Distancing

Maintaining a safe six-foot distance (at least) between each other has been shown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re asking those of you coming into OAK to help mind the space. Social distance markers are now visible at ticket counters, baggage claim carousels, boarding areas, and other high traffic spaces to visualize the six-feet requirement. Please remember to take the six-foot requirement into account in airport lounges, restaurants, and stores.

Disinfecting Protocols at OAK

OAK launched a robust cleaning and disinfecting program in March and continues to work diligently to maintain the health and well-being of those that come to the airport daily. Airport crews are spraying and wiping down high traffic areas, including restrooms, seating, escalators, elevators, screens, counters, plexiglass guards, and the like.

Sanitation Stations

Visitors to OAK will notice several new health enhancements throughout the airport, including dozens of touchless hand sanitizer stations. We encourage you to make liberal use of hand sanitizer, wash your hands whenever possible, and be mindful of touching your face.