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Traveling with confidence

Getting you to where you need to be and home again is what we do at the Oakland International Airport. Ensuring your peace of mind when you walk through OAK’s doors is the focus of our tireless crews, airline partners, and concession staff.

CALIFORNIA TRAVEL ADVISORY : https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/OPA/Pages/NR21-030.aspx

COVID-19 Protocols & Safety

Creating and maintaining an environment where travelers and workers feel confident has been job #1 for the Port of Oakland and the Oakland International Airport staff. OAK adheres to guidance from the Alameda County Health Office and requires face coverings while at the airport and adequate social distancing. Simultaneously, OAK has increased the frequency of disinfecting high travel and touch areas and continues to monitor and bolster its clean airport efforts. Read more.

Restaurants & Shopping

Travelers coming through OAK have many options to grab a cup of coffee, sit down for a meal, relax with a glass of wine, or pick-up some reading material for your flight.
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Ground Transportation & Parking

Those coming to and from OAK have an array of transportation and parking options. BART to OAK is an easy option for those wishing to use public transportation. Premier, Daily, and Hourly PARK OAK lots are available if you’d like to leave your car. Rideshare services, shuttles, and taxis are serving travelers. Rental companies operating from OAK’s car rental center are open. We recommend checking with your company of choice for availability and updates.

Airline Protocols

OAK’s airline partners are working with health authorities to institute travel-safe protocols and are actively updating policies and procedures as needed.  We recommend checking in with your airline to understand travel requirements and opportunities better.