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Frequent Parker Program Registration

Frequent Parker Program Registration

Earn a free day in our Daily Lot! The next time you park at OAK, save your non-discounted receipts and you will earn a One Free Day in Daily Lot coupon. Participation is simple. Complete the below form and we will send you an envelope or on your next visit see one of our cashiers.

Once you have three non-discounted receipts from parking in one of our facilities, you qualify. On your 3rd visit, see our cashier and submit your Frequent Parker Program envelope. Please complete the envelope with all the requested information. Frequent Parker Program envelopes can be mailed to you or picked up from a Cashier booth during your next visit.

We will mail your coupon for you to use on a future trip.

Sign up today.

None of the information you provide to us will be sold to mailing list companies or outside agencies.

(The Frequent Parker Program offer cannot be combined with any other discount)

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