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Oakland International Airport

Oakland International Airport

Press Releases
January 1st, 2001

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jo Murray 510-238-8430 Pager: 1-800-492-9786 After Hours, (510) 577-4067 TravInfo, (510) 817-1717


Oakland International Airport will begin installation of sound insulation materials today in four Alameda homes as part of a pilot program to reduce aircraft noise in nearby neighborhoods.

The homes will receive specially insulated windows and sliding glass doors, additional glazing at skylights, weather-stripping around doors and fresh air switches to assure good ventilation once the sound insulation materials are installed.

Cost for the pilot project is estimated at approximately $160,000 and is paid for through passenger facility charges on tickets for flights originating in Oakland.

The Aircraft Sound Insulation Pilot Project began two years ago when noise studies were conducted on the three townhouses and one single-family home, all of which are located between Catalina Avenue and Oleander Avenue. One townhouse was selected from each of the three homeowners associations in the eligibility areas of Casitas Alameda, Islandia and Garden Isle.

Approximately 600 townhouses and approximately 35 single-family homes in the Bay Farm Island area of Alameda will be eligible to receive free sound insulation materials after completion of the pilot program. Eligible residents will be invited to an open house at homes in the pilot project where they may see the sound insulation work, as well as an informational video, when installation is completed later this year.

The goal is to noticeably reduce noise inside the home.

The sound insulation program is available to homeowners at no charge on a voluntary basis. In return, homeowners are asked to sign an easement for aircraft noise. The airport also has a Noise Hotline, 510-377-4194, for citizens to report concerns about noise.

More than 10,000 persons work at Oakland International Airport, which contributes an estimated $4 billion to the Bay Area economy annually.

Last year Oakland International Airport served more than 9.1 million passengers. It has more than 160 passenger flights a day on 11 domestic and international carriers.