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San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport will raise Parking Rates, Rename Parking Lots

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport will raise Parking Rates, Rename Parking Lots

Press Releases
May 28th, 2003


Contact: Cyndy Johnson-OAK, (510) 563-2820
Rosemary Barnes-OAK, (510) 563-2892
OAK Parking Hotline, (510) 563-6565
OAK After Hours, (510) 563-3360

OAKLAND, California, May 28, 2003 – San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport will increase parking lot rates on June 1, 2003 to cover expenses that have been incurred to maintain a high-level security program and to operate the parking lots and bus shuttle system. The last rate increase was in July 2001.
Additionally, the rate increase will be used to:

  • Upgrade the parking credit card system;
  • Install fare boxes on AirBART shuttle buses to facilitate ease of payment;
  • Develop a coordinated parking lot signage program to facilitate ease of access and way-finding;
  • Implement improved directional signage on access roads into airport terminals, facilities and parking lots; and
  • Improve the security surveillance system on-board parking lot buses.

Also on June 1, the airport will rename the on-airport parking lots in an effort to be consistent with U.S. airport industry naming standards.

Airport security costs alone have tripled since 2001, from $4 million to $12 million annually, because of stringent Federal requirements put in place after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Some of these costs already have been borne by the airlines through the rates and charges they pay to the Port of Oakland, the owner/operator of San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.

“Our security and parking lot operating costs have risen steadily since the last rate increase in July 2001, particularly as a result of the events of September 11th, and we need to use existing revenue sources to offset the costs,” said Director of Aviation Steve Grossman. “While the parking rates remain competitive with those at the other Bay Area airports, we anticipate that these costs will continue to rise as long as we stay at elevated security levels and as more people use San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.”

The new parking lot designations and associated rates follow:

Daily A and B Parking Lots
(Formerly Long-Term and Economy Lots)
Economy Parking Lot
(Formerly Overflow Lot)
Time Rate Time Rate
Per 30 minutes (up to 5 hours) $ 2.00 Per 30 minutes (up to 4 hours) $ 2.00
Day 1 (5-24 hours)
$20.00 Day 1 (4-24 hours) $17.00
Days 2-6
$20.00/day Days 2-6 $17.00/day
Day 7 and longer $17.00/day Day 7 and longer $14.00/day
Hourly Parking Lot Valet Parking Lot
Time Rate Time Rate
Per 30 minutes (up to 5 hours) $ 2.00 0-2 hours $12.00
Day 1 (5-24 hours) $27.00 2-4 hours $24.00
Day 2 and longer $32.00/day 4-24 hours $ 35.00
Rates in effect on the date of parking lot entry will be honored for travelers returning on or after June 1.

View a map of the new parking lot locations.

There are 926 spaces in the Hourly Lot, 5,086 spaces in the two Daily Lots, 1,414 spaces in the Economy Lot and 226 spaces in the Valet Lot. Parking for those persons considered legally disabled are conveniently located in the Hourly and Daily A lots at the posted daily rate. State-authorized disabled placards or license plates must be displayed to park in the spaces. Also, the Valet Lot offers a reduced rate for disabled persons.

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, a revenue division of the Port of Oakland and an independent department of the city of Oakland, served 12.7 million passengers and handled more than 600,000 metric tons of air cargo in 2002. Oakland International has 200 flights a day on 12 domestic and international carriers to 37 nonstop destinations, including Atlanta, the Hawaiian Islands, New York, Washington, D.C., and Mexico and seasonal service to The Azores (Portugal) and Costa Rica (service begins June 2003).

Oakland International consistently has the fewest weather-related flight delays in the Bay Area. It is the only Bay Area airport with a dedicated shuttle bus that meets every Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system train at the nearby Coliseum station. Travelers are reminded that the 98th Avenue corridor is open to both inbound and outbound traffic, creating a fast, direct route to and from Interstate 880. Once at the airport, travelers can tune to 1700AM for current airport traffic, parking and security information and watch for roadway signage at the entrance to the airport that will indicate which parking lots still have available space. Visit the airport’s web site at www.oaklandairport.com for more information.