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Oakland International Airport Encourages Holiday Travelers to Prepare for Takeoff for Smooth Flying Through Passenger and Baggage Screening

Oakland International Airport Encourages Holiday Travelers to Prepare for Takeoff for Smooth Flying Through Passenger and Baggage Screening

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December 19th, 2002

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December 19, 2002

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is implementing rn changes to the passenger and baggage screening processes. Passengers are encouraged rn to check with their carrier to learn how these revised procedures will affect rn their holiday travels. For time-saving travel tips, including the following, rn visit Oakland International’s web site www.oaklandairport.com and click rn on the Prepare for Takeoff icon.

    • Unlock Luggage. Since all checked luggage must be searched beginning January 1, 2003, keep it unlocked, unless otherwise directed rn by your carrier. Put items in clear plastic bags to help speed up inspections.


    • Travel Lightly. Reduce the number of carry-on and checked bags by shipping packages and excess clothing in advance of traveling before rn and after the holidays.


    • Wrap on Arrival. Gifts packed in carry-on or checked baggage should remain unwrapped, as they may be opened for inspection.


    • Have Boarding Pass, Will Travel. All passengers will soon be required to check in at the ticket counter or use an airline rn check in kiosk to get a boarding pass prior to screening at the security checkpoint. Gate check in will no longer be permitted at Oakland International after the rn New Year; however, this procedure is already in place at many other U.S. airports.


    • Permitted/Prohibited Items. TSA has revised the list of items that are permitted and prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage. Consideration should be given to items that are needed for travel and how they are packed. For example, knitting needles are now permitted in carry-on baggage, while sharp-tipped scissors are still prohibited and will be confiscated. It is also recommended that travelers conduct a thorough search of all baggage prior to arriving at the airport to ensure that prohibited items are not packed rn from previous travel.


    • Cameras/Film. Place all undeveloped film and cameras with film in carry-on baggage. Equipment that screens checked baggage will damage rn undeveloped film.


    • Special Consideration Customers. Individual situations rn such as traveling with children or pets, or passengers with disabilities or religious or cultural needs require special preparation. Review suggested tips for each of these and other situations in advance to eliminate unnecessary stress at the airport.


    • Dress the Part. Dress appropriately for travel as certain clothing and accessories can activate metal detector alarms and slow down the passenger security checkpoint process. Avoid wearing clothing, shoes, jewelry or accessories that contain metal. Slip-on shoes are easier to remove.


    • Arrive Early. Oakland International recommends that travelers plan to arrive at least two hours prior for domestic flights and three hours for international flights to allow for increased holiday roadway traffic on Bay Area highways, for increased numbers of passengers going through the airline check-in and security screening process and for changes in security procedures.  Check with your airline for advice on specific flights, especially those departing between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., Monday through Friday and during the peak travel days of December 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 and January 2, 3 and 5. Additional time  may be necessary to reach the airport because of construction on Interstate 880 and airport roadways.


  • In/Out/Off. When approaching the passenger security checkpoint, passengers should place all metal objects IN their carry-on baggage, take their laptop computer OUT of its case, and  take OFF outer coats for checkpoint screening.

Oakland International Airport served 11.4 million passengers and handled more than 600,000 metric tons of air cargo in 2001. Oakland International has over 200 flights a day on 16 domestic and international carriers to 38 nonstop destinations, including the Hawaiian Islands, New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Mexico. Travelers are reminded that the 98th Avenue corridor is open to both inbound and outbound traffic creating a fast, direct route to and from Interstate 880. The airport is a revenue division of the Port of Oakland. For more information, visit the airport’s Web site at www.oaklandairport.com.