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OAK Offers Tips for Year-End Holiday Travelers

OAK Offers Tips for Year-End Holiday Travelers

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December 18th, 2008

-- Guaranteed Close-in Parking; Leave on Time; Fly for Less --

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport (OAK) is preparing for another busy year-end holiday travel period. Plenty of close-in parking is expected to be available throughout the holiday travel period. Travelers will find many opportunities to pick up last minute gifts at OAK's many new concessions.

An estimated 500,000 passengers will travel through OAK during the 16-day travel period that begins Friday, December 19. About 35,000 daily passengers are expected on the peak travel days.

Convenient parking will be available over the holiday period in all of OAK's lots. The airport's Economy Lot is now located within walking distance of the terminals, and offers a low $16 daily rate. OAK offers over 7,200 parking spaces in its three lots which are open 24 hours a day.

For parking availability and road conditions, travelers can call TravInfo's 511-information line, or the airport's parking assistance line at 510-563-3200,or visit www.oaklandairport.com.

OAK ranks first among the 32 largest U.S. airports for the least amount of delays over the past five years, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The primary reason for this is the consistently good weather in the East Bay. Visit www.bts.gov for more information. Travel + Leisure magazine recently named OAK the best Bay Area airport, and third best in the nation, for on time departure performance.

Bay Area residents and visitors have the choice of many airlines at OAK which offer low fares to in-demand destinations. OAK's terminals have many new amenities which offer improved comfort and convenience for travelers.

Host, OAK's concessions partner, offers a variety of new retail choices where travelers can pick up last minute gifts.

· All of the East Bay's favorite teams - Raiders, Athletics, Warriors and Cal - are represented in Sports Scene Oakland, a local sports shop now offering apparel and gifts in Terminal 2.

· Gift opportunities in Terminal 2, between gates 28-32, include Bayfront Books, Oakland Marketplace, See's Candies, Sunglass Icon and Under a Silver Moon.

· Lake Merritt News, in Terminal 1, is a quick and convenient newsstand offering many gift, news and snack items.

· Oakland Tribune News, featuring gifts, the latest news and freshly-made sandwiches to-go under the iconic building logo of the city's 130-year-old newspaper, is now open past security in each terminal, with a third location pre-security in Terminal 1.

Free Wi-Fi is now available in Terminals 1 and 2. Travelers can now keep in touch with business and personal contacts between flights, at no cost.

OAK continues to offer amenities that help speed travelers through passenger screening in both terminals. TSA's Self-Select lanes are offered for Casual and Family/Special Assistance passengers. Casual lanes cater to those who are somewhat familiar with procedures and have multiple carry-on items. Family/Special Assistance lanes are for those who need more time, such as new flyers, travelers with young children and/or those carrying medical liquids.

OAK and all other U.S. airports continue to maintain a high-level of security. Travelers should plan ahead before coming to the airport. Before packing, visit the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) website, www.tsa.gov, to get the 3-1-1 on air travel.

Other travel tips include:

· Plan to arrive at OAK at least 90 minutes prior for domestic departures and three hours prior for international departures to allow for increased passenger volume at airline check-in and security screening.

· ALL passengers must have a boarding pass or airline-approved document and travelers age 18 and older must show government-issued photo identification before going through the passenger security checkpoint.

· Leave holiday gifts unwrapped, both in carry-on and checked baggage, as they may need to be inspected.

Visit www.oaklandairport.com for more information.