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OAK Offers 12 Tips for Holiday Travel

OAK Offers 12 Tips for Holiday Travel

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December 14th, 2004

Oakland, California -- San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport (OAK) offers the following tips to help passengers prepare for their travels during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays:

1) One Boarding Pass. All travelers must have a boarding pass prior to going through the passenger security checkpoint. Boarding passes can be obtained by a) using curbside check-in (if available); b) using your airline's self-service check-in kiosk located in the terminals' ticketing area (if available); c) printing a boarding pass or other airline-approved security document from your airline's web site (if available); or d) visiting your airline's ticket counter at the airport. Check with your airline for additional check-in suggestions.

2) Two Carry-ons. Travelers are limited to two carry-on bags, which includes a personal item such as a handbag, briefcase, and diaper bag or laptop computer. Remember, carry-on bags must fit completely inside an overhead bin or beneath the seat in front of you.

3) Three Hours. Arrive at your airline's ticket counter at least three hours prior for international departures and two hours for domestic departures to allow for increased passenger volume at airline check-in and security screening. Check with your airline for advice on specific flights, especially those departing between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Sunday.

4) Four Parking Lots. OAK has four on-airport parking lots with a total of 8,500 convenient parking spaces, most within walking distance to the terminals. Parking should be available through the holiday travel period.

5) Five Pieces of Baggage. To avoid standing in the check-in line, consider reducing the amount of baggage you're taking by mailing/shipping holiday packages and clothing in advance. Check with your local post office or visit usps.com for the last day to use general mailing services. Otherwise, use express shipping services to ensure on-time delivery.

6) Six = Three for Three. Reduce the possibility of a secondary screening which can take three minutes per person. When approaching the passenger security checkpoint, place all metal items IN carry-on baggage; take laptop computers OUT of their cases; and take OFF outer coats. The TSA offers FREE travel totes allowing passengers to divest of loose metal items which can then be packed in carry-on baggage. Travel tote dispensers are located at the beginning of the passenger screening areas. Visit tsa.gov for other travel information.

7) Seven Airlines in Terminal 1 with Check-in Kiosks. Passengers without checked baggage can avoid check-in lines by using convenient check-in kiosks located in the ticketing area of the terminals. Alaska, Aloha, American, America West, Continental, JetBlue and United offer this service in Terminal 1. Southwest Airlines offers it in Terminal 2. Alaska also offers web bag drop for customers who have checked in on-line and have checked bags.

8) Eight On-Airport Rental Car Companies. All on-airport rental car companies are now located at the interim Rental Car Center located at 7600 Earhart Road. A common-use shuttle bus transports rental car customers between this facility and the terminals every ten minutes.

9) Nine Unwrapped Packages. Gifts packed in carry-on or checked baggage should remain unwrapped, as they may be opened for inspection.

10) Ten Minutes Between Airport and BART. The convenient AirBART shuttle transports travelers between OAK and the Coliseum BART station every 10 to 15 minutes. For more information, call 510.577.4294. For information on other ground transportation services or for personalized travel planning assistance, call 1.888.IFLYOAK.

11) Eleven Checkpoint Lanes. OAK has six security checkpoint lanes in Terminal 1 and five in Terminal 2. Two additional lanes may be opened in Terminal 2 during peak travel times.

12) Twelve Domestic and International Airlines. Twelve domestic, international, and charter airlines serve OAK. Check with your carrier in advance of coming to the airport for arrival and departure information and other suggested travel tips. Visit the Current Arrivals and Departures section of oaklandairport.com for more information.

OAK has over 200 flights a day on 12 domestic and international carriers to 39 nonstop destinations, including Atlanta, Boston, the Hawaiian Islands, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Mexico and seasonal service to the Azores (Portugal), Costa Rica and Sun Valley, Idaho.

Also debuting this holiday season is OAK's new Park & Call Zone, a 50-space lot located directly across from and within walking distance of the terminals, that allows meeters and greeters who can connect to their passenger by cell phone to wait for FREE up to 30 minutes. Drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times. Motorists should remain in the far left lane as they near Terminal 1 and look for signs directing them to the Park & Call Zone to access this parking area.

Visit oaklandairport.com for more information.