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Water Quality

Water Quality

Storm Water Program

Since 1992, the Port has been the leader of the Group Storm Water Monitoring Program at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport ("GMP- Airport Subgroup"). As group leader, the Port assist its aviation tenants that perform industrial activity obtain necessary permits, develop site specific storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), conduct inspections, hold workshops, and complete an annual report that is submitted to the State Water Resource Control Board ("SWRCB"). The Port collects storm water samples to confirm that the Port and its tenants are implementing best management practices to prevent or minimize the runoff of pollutants from San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.

As the storm water regulations have evolved, the GMP- Airport Subgroup had to evolve in response. In 2015, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a new General Permit 2014-0057-DWG for companies with industrial activities, and in response the Port discontinued the GMP- Airport Subgroup, and developed an Airport-wide SWPPP, and directed its industrial tenants to come under the Port's SWPPP. The new structure of the storm water program allows the Port to inspect tenants more frequently, work with Aviation staff to address pollution sources, hold additional workshops, and revise and, as necessary, update the Airport-wide SWPPP to target problem areas. The new structure allows tenants to perform more inspections of their leases premises, and conduct additional cleanup activities. Working together, we hope to continue to implement a model program, and protect and preserve San Francisco Bay.

Port of Oakland: Clean Water Program