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LEED Certification

LEED Certification

OAK broke ground on its $300 million Terminal Improvement Program in spring 2004. This program is the Port's largest aviation project in its 78-year history and is comprised of the Terminal 2 Improvement Project using "green building" technology that includes a new concourse with five additional boarding gates and waiting areas; a modern, centralized food, beverage and retail shopping area; expanded ticketing, security and baggage claim facilities; and new utilities; and the Terminal Roadway and Curbside Project that will improve terminal access and ease congestion in front of the terminals. Expected completion of the entire program is in 2008.

OAK plans to apply for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification following improvement program completion. LEED provides a complete framework for assessing building performance and emphasizes water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality. In the Terminal 2 Improvement Project, some of the areas where green building technologies will applied are:

  • Restroom Partitions (made from recycled and other rapidly renewable materials);
  • Ceiling Tiles (made from recycled materials that have the ability to reflect light, resulting in decreased use of heating and air conditioning systems);
  • Wall Wainscot (made from recycled materials); and
  • Restroom Floors (made of terrazzo, a long lasting, durable polished concrete or epoxy material)