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The Process

The Process

Process Introduction

Beginning in 2004, OAK used a series of meetings with a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to develop its Master Plan. The role of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee was to (1) advise Port staff on long-range, high-level planning issues at OAK, (2) provide input on Master Plan technical issues, and (3) identify potential impacts early-on in the planning process.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee consisted of representatives (community members and/or staff) from the cities of Alameda, San Leandro, and Oakland, San Leandro Unified School District, Alameda County, and Airport users, including fixed-base operators, passenger and cargo airlines, the Port's Airline Liaison Office, and flight training/light general aviation aircraft operators.

Each member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee had formal representation in the formulation of the Master Plan and all members were given the opportunity to participate in development and consideration of objectives, alternatives, evaluations, etc. Some members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee performed independent technical work to verify Master Plan analyses and draw their own conclusions, including preparation of simulations, spreadsheet analyses, and use of outside consultants for peer review.

Committee meetings were scheduled every one to two months and structured around Master Plan technical elements and topics. There were 11 Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings (June 2004 through December 2005).

Additionally, OAK hosted two public meetings to elicit feedback from the greater community on the conclusions of the Master Plan document. This feedback has been included in the final Master Plan document which was presented to the Board of Port Commissioners for approval in March 2006. Port staff provided update briefings to the Aviation Committee of the Board of Port Commissioners at three different meetings (the staff reports were posted on the Airport web site and can be found by Clicking Here.

Port staff also presented a summary of the master planning process and key findings to the Alameda, San Leandro, and Oakland city councils at regular or special meetings, and to the Regional Airport Planning Committee and the Alameda County Airport Land Use Commission.

Because the Master Plan is a concept-level planning and feasibility study, it does not provide details on development plans, engineering feasibility, financial feasibility, or detailed environmental review that would be required before the Port could decide whether to proceed with any particular projects or groups of projects.

Process and Timeline