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COVID-19 testing information

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport and CityHealth are the State of Hawaii certified Trusted Testing and Travel Partners.

Be sure to adhere to local COVID-19 quarantines, restrictions, and ordinances. Your destination may have completely different regulations when it comes to COVID testing. Also, remember that quarantine requirements continually change, and travelers are responsible for keeping up with those requirements at their destination.


San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport strongly advises passengers planning to connect to a Hawaii-bound flight at OAK to complete testing, transmit results, and receive authorization using the Safe Travels system prior to departure at their point of origin. Doing so prepares travelers for an easy journey; avoiding the risk of a missed connection, an unplanned COVID test result, and the associated delays and expenses.

For more information regarding the State of Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing program, click here: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/#travel-FAQs

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