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Frequently Asked Questions/Suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions/Suggestions

Airport Services

1. Who can I contact regarding an item I lost in the Airport?

The Airport Lost and Found Office receives items left in the Terminals, curbside and parking lots. Items received are kept in a secure location for ninety (90) days. Items not claimed after ninety (90) days are turned over to the Alameda County Sheriff's Department for disposal or for auction. The Airport Lost & Found Office is open Monday through Thursay from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 pm. Please submit a Lost Item Report.

Personnel at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are responsible for storing items left at the TSA checkpoints. The TSA Lost & Found is located at the Terminal One Bag Claim area near baggage carousel 3, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The phone number is 510-563-3629 and the email address is OAK.LOST@tsa.dhs.gov.

Airline Lost and Found Offices:
The airlines store items left at ticket counters, gates or aircraft. Please contact your airline if you believe you left your item at one of these locations. Hours of operation vary.

Alaska - 510-577-5812
American 510-563-3688
Allegiant - 510-563-3809
Delta - 510-383-4485
Hawaiian - 510-563-3902
JetBlue - 510-563-3681
Southwest - 510 563-1000
Spirit - 510-430-8357
Volaris - 510 563 3872 Ext. 4505

Future Lost and Found Travel Tips:

  • Label items (cell phones, laptops, coats, etc.) with your personal information including name, phone number, and address.  If your item is turned in to Lost and Found it will help personnel locate you as so many items look alike.
  • Don't put anything in the seatback of your airplane, bus, or taxi. It makes leaving something behind too easy.
  • Call the Lost and Found office as soon as you realize you've lost an item.
  • Thousands of items are logged each month.  Please be patient as we work to log objects and try to return them to our customers. If your item has been turned in, staff will work with you to get your items returned.

2. May I remain overnight in the terminals?

Connecting passengers with an overnight layover may remain overnight in the terminals pre-security only. Since we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, law enforcement officers are always on site and you may be asked to show your identification and proof of travel.

If you decide you want a little more comfort than an airport can provide, and want to stay in a near-by hotel rather than remaining in the terminals, San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport suggests you book your stay at a near-by hotel that offers a complimentary airport shuttle available in the early morning hours. The closest hotels are on either Airport Access Road or Hegenberger Road, or read "Airport Area". You may find the list of area hotels on our website.

3. Does the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport have lockers or other storage?

Unfortunately the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport does not have lockers or other storage facilities.

4. Does San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport offer free WiFi?

Yes. OAK has partnered with Boingo, the largest provider of free airport Wi-Fi services. OAK knows that every traveler has varying Wi-Fi needs, and under the Boingo service model, customers have the option to choose between complimentary, sponsored Wi-Fi sessions of 45 minutes in length after viewing a 30-second commercial, or selecting a premium speed, advertising-free service for a nominal fee.

Boingo's significant investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure at OAK is critical to support the explosive growth of mobile devices and the increasing use of video by those in transit. OAK and Boingo have teamed up, and are prepared to support future Wi-Fi demand and continued excellent connectivity for travelers.

Curbside Ticketing

The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport adheres to regulations of the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration related to aviation security which bans prolonged stopping and standing at the curbside. The restriction is common to all passenger carrier airport facilities in the nation. Compliance to these regulations and others allows airports to operate without incurring fines or other sanctions in airport operations, and to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

Please address questions regarding curbside ticketing to the Alameda County Sheriff's Department Police Services at 510-563-2940

1. Does the Airport have any parking deals?

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport offers periodic parking deals.

2. I Lost My Parking Receipt, How Can I Get Copy?

Please email LAZ Parking, the contract company that manages the parking plaza at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.  You may reach the Parking Management Office at parking@oaklandairport.com. Your email should include the exit date, amount you paid, your license plate and the last four digits of your credit card. The Parking Management Office will be able to email a copy of your receipt to you within 2-3 business days.

3. Does San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport have a Park and Call Cell Phone Lot?

The OAK Park and Call lot was created as a customer service for meeters and greeters who can connect with their arriving traveler by cell phone.  Once the cell phone connection is made, the driver can reach the front of the airport terminal from the Park and Call Lot in a matter of minutes. Meeters and Greeters may wait in the lot for free up to 30 minutes and must remain in the car at all times. If the lot is full, please drive to one of the paid parking lots.

For driving directions, please Click Here.

Clarification for EV Parking at OAK

Customers may charge their car for free at one of OAK's EV charging stations in the Premier, Daily or Economy lots, and may park and leave the car plugged in for the duration of their trip. There is no attendant to move cars once fully charged, though there is a chance someone could unplug your car and initiate a new charge session to charge their own car.

The Airport offers two different charging systems in our parking lots - Clipper Creek in the Economy and Daily (simple plug-in and charge) and ChargePoint in the Premier Lot (requires advance registration on their website or by calling 1-888-758-4389).

Standard parking rates do still apply. Check our website for parking coupons.

Ground Transportation

1. How do I get ground transportation to or from San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport?

There are various shuttle buses, limousines, and public transportation companies under contract to the Port of Oakland.  The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport website lists many of the shuttle bus companies. You can find the list on our website and contact the company of your choice for schedules and fares. Many of the companies have email addresses for customer convenience.

Accessing BART Connector:

The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport BART station is located just across from the Terminal 1 baggage claim area and a short walk from Terminal 2.  Hours of operation are coordinated by BART to meet general BART hours. Travel time between the airport and Coliseum is 8 minutes.

Customers must purchase tickets at the BART Station. Fares are based on your final BART stop. BART ticket machines at the station accept debit/credit and U.S. currency only. ATM's are not available at the BART Station, so be sure to use these services at the airport before you get there.

BART to OAK fare gates are located only at the Coliseum Station and an Information Booth is located at Coliseum Station Platform 3.

Rental Car Buses

During peak travel times (4:00am through 1:00pm) the Rental Car Shuttle operates from the Airport terminals at least every seven minutes. After airline operation hours, the buses operate on call. For bus operations, please call 510.453.1522.

Travelers with Disabilities

1. How can I arrange for wheelchair services?

The Federal Air Carrier Access Act requires airlines to provide wheelchair service to their customers on their outbound flight from ticket counter to gate, and on arrival, from gate to baggage claim. At San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, wheelchairs are available at the curbside only at Southwest Airlines in Terminal 2. The airlines in Terminal 1 provide the service, either through a contract company or airline staff, at the ticket counters.

No prior arrangements need to be made to reserve a wheelchair, however, the airport suggests you contact your airline at their toll-free reservations and information number and ask that your request be noted in your passenger record. This will alert departure, connecting and arrival cities that you will need assistance. The list of airlines can be found on our website.

The airport suggests arriving at least 90 minutes prior to your domestic departure or 120 minutes prior to your international departure.

2. Does OAK offer spaces for travelers who need handicapped parking?

Convenient, close-in, extended-stay spaces are available for disabled customers with corresponding identification.  The disabled-reserved spaces nearest to the terminals are located in the Hourly lot and are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Daily rate.  Additional disabled-reserved spaces are located at the front section of the Daily, and Economy lots.

If there are no available spaces in Hourly Lot when you arrive, you may park in any of the hourly parking stalls.  Present your disabled placard and registration, along with your parking ticket when you exit the lot and you will receive the Daily Parking rate ($26.00per day). For parking lot directions and rates, please see our website.

If you need to take your handicap placard with you, you must register the placard with the DMV prior to your travel.  For your convenience the Department of Motor Vehicles will provide a temporary parking permit to you upon application with their office.  This will enable you to park with your disabled parking permit while here, and also take a permit for use in a family or rental vehicle. Please Click Here for more information.

Check our website for parking coupons.

Security Checkpoints

1. What is allowed through the security checkpoints in my carry on luggage?

The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport encourages customers to check the Transportation Security Administration website to determine what you may carry onboard your flight, or you can download the TSA mobile app, which can also be accessed online - not just on mobile devices - and search for specific items and their permissibly.

The TSA sets rules with passenger safety in mind and they are not negotiable. The airlines have the ability to establish their own rules for permissible items on flights but they will never interfere with passenger safely rules set by the TSA.

2. I have a medical condition. What can I expect going through security?

TSA Cares is a helpline to assist travelers with medical conditions and recommends that passengers call 72 hours ahead of travel for information about what to expect during screening. The Transportation Security Administration recommends passengers call approximately 72 hours ahead of travel so they have the opportunity to coordinate checkpoint support with a TSA Customer Service Manager located at the airport when necessary.

Travelers may call TSA Cares toll free at 1-855-787-2227 prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, medical conditions, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint. The hours of operation for the TSA Cares helpline are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. EST and weekends and Holidays 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST.

3. What identification do I need to get through security?

Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show U.S. Federal or State-issued photo identification in order to pass through the checkpoint and onto their flight.

For a list of acceptable forms of identification for air travel, please see the TSA website.

Jobs at Oak

1. How do I apply for a job at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport?

The Port of Oakland owns and operates San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport. The airlines and concessions are Port of Oakland tenants. For jobs with the Port of Oakland, view the website at www.portofoakland.com and visit the Job Center.

For jobs at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, including airlines, cargo carriers, car rental companies, concessions and contract companies, you will have to contact each organization individually.  The process for each company is different, but all companies have websites.

For a listing of airlines please Click Here.

For a list of concessions, please Click Here.

Art Displays at Oak

1. What company installs the art exhibits at OAK?

The Port of Oakland will issue a Request for Proposal for its public arts program. If your firm is located in Alameda or Contra Costa County, you may apply for Port Local Business certification and receive all RFPs that may be released if they pertain to your business.

To apply for certification online, please see this link on the Port of Oakland website. Interested organizations who are not in Alameda or Contra Costa County should periodically check the Port of Oakland website for posted RFPs.