Noise & Environmental Management

OAK strives to be the best neighbor and community partner it can be.

Click the links below for important information about our environmental and noise management programs, our investments in renewable energy sources and our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Noise Management Program

For information about the airport’s noise abatement efforts and noise-related communityengagement at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport, visit our Fly Quiet OAK website.

Environmental Management

San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport (OAK), a revenue division of the Port of Oakland, takes a leadership role in promoting a sustainable operating environment—whether that’s looking at current day-to-day operations or forecasting future needs and requirements.

The Port of Oakland is an independent department of the city of Oakland and is required to do its part to be a good neighbor, an environmental steward, and a responsible business operator in its efforts to support the city’s sustainability goals. Through its efforts, the Port of Oakland contributed to the recent recognition of the city of Oakland as one of the best examples of urban sustainability at the 2005 United Nations World Environment Day conference in San Francisco.

The Port of Oakland has adopted a sustainability policy, also known as the “Three E’s,” that is based on the values of environmental responsibility, economic vitality and social equity. OAK supports this policy through a variety of environmental programs: