Lost/Stolen Badge Applicant Checklist

Lost/Stolen Badge

  1. Badge holder must report a badge as lost or stolen IMMEDIATELY to the: Authorized Signer and

    Airport Security (510) 563-2867 (Monday – Thursday, 8:45 AM – 4:45 PM) or 
    Airport Operations (510) 563-3361 (24/7)

  2. If stolen, obtain a copy of the police report filing and present it to the ID Badging Office.
    Failure to provide a police report may result in a Lost ID Badge Fee (see below). 
  3. Two unexpired acceptable government issued identifications MUST be provided. 
    Both IDs should have identical spelling and placement of applicant’s name. Please review the OAK I-9 form guidelines.


  4. Visit the ID Badging Office, sign in using the tablet and select “Walk-in Services”. 
    No appointment necessary.
  5. If a badge is lost and a police filing report is not presented for a stolen badge, a Lost Badge Fee will be charged. 

Lost ID Badge Fee Rates 
(fees are due at or before the time of badge replacement):

  • 1st Lost Badge = Cost $100.00
  • 2nd Lost Badge = Cost $150.00
  • 3rd Lost Badge = Cost $200.00

Acceptable forms of Payment:

  • Check
  • Credit / Debt Card
  • Invoice (If your company has an invoice account with OAK)