Computer Training Information (Security and AOA Driving)

Required Training Course

Badge Type

Training Frequency

Security Awareness Training

Sterile Area Only

Every 2 years

Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Training

SIDA Badge

Every 2 years

Non-Movement Area Driver Training1

SIDA Badge

Every 2 years

Movement Area Driver Training1

SIDA Badge

Every year

Authorized Signer Training

SIDA Badge

Every year

1 Driver Training information

All prospective tenants or their employees who require driving privileges on the Air Operations Area (AOA) must successfully complete San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport’s (OAK) Drivers Training Program. It is strongly recommended that the training materials listed below be downloaded and studied prior to taking the driver’s training test. A 90% or better score is required for AOA driving privileges.

Please arrive on time for your appointment


Appointments are required for taking the courses listed above after successfully passing Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and Security Threat Assessment (STA). Walk-ins are not allowed.

Your Authorized Signer determines which training courses you must take.

Each course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

At the end of each course, you must pass a test; if you fail the test, you may retake the course.

Applicants are not permitted to collaborate or otherwise cheat on tests, and outside assistance is not permitted except as described below in Request for Accommodation. The training room is monitored by CCTV. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the room and not allowed to proceed with training until approved by the Airport Security Coordinator. Badged persons providing unauthorized assistance will be subject to citations and/or revocation of his/her badge under the Security Enforcement Program.

Please arrive on-time and always bring two unexpired government issued ID’s. Your appointment will be canceled if do not provide two ID’s.


Request for Accommodation:

All training is offered in English only (spoken words through a headset and closed captions displayed on a computer screen). Testing is also in English only (words displayed on a computer screen). Persons requiring assistance / accommodation with training / testing (e.g., use of a translator) must have an Authorized Signer complete the Request for Accommodation Form to identify the person providing assistance. Persons providing assistance are expected to only help provide assistance in relaying information provided in the training modules and/or translating / reading test questions, and may not provide answers to test questions.