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Lost/Stolen Badge Applicant Checklist

Lost/Stolen Badge Applicant Checklist

ALL Applicants MUST complete the following:

  1. Report your badge lost or stolen IMMEDIATELY to your Authorized Signer and
    Airport Security (510) 563-2867 (Monday – Thursday, 8:45 AM – 4:45 PM)
    Airport Operations (510) 563-3361 (Any Time)
  2. If stolen, obtain a copy of the police report filing and present it to the ID Badging Office.
    Failure to provide a police report may result in a Lost ID Badge Fee.
  3. Make an appointment for a Lost/Stolen Badge using the ID Badging Office Appointment Scheduler at https://kiosk.na4.qless.com/kiosk/app/home/222
  4. Bring a completed Identification Badge Application to the ID Badging Office. No appointment is necessary.
    • Check box #35 on the application to certifying that your badge is lost/stolen.
  5. Provide two (2) pieces of acceptable government-issued identification to ID Badging Office Personnel. Both IDs should have identical spelling and placement of your name. All identification documents must be unexpired, to be valid. For a list of acceptable documents please review the OAK I-9 form.
  6. Make sure your Authorized Signer has signed and dated the Identification Badge Application (page 3) and verified your two (2) forms of ID, prior to visiting the ID Badging Office.
  7. If your badge is lost or you do not present a police filing report for a stolen badge, you will be charged a Lost Badge Fee in the sum identified below. Fees are required at or before the time of badge replacement. Lost ID Badge Fee Rates:
    • 1st Lost Badge = Cost $100.00
    • 2nd Lost Badge = Cost $150.00
    • 3rd Lost Badge = Cost $200.00
    • 4th Lost Badge = PERMANENT REVOCATION

    Lost/Stolen ID Badge Fee Payment Method:

    • Check
    • Credit / Debt Card
    • Invoice (If your company has an invoice account with OAK)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This checklist is intended to remind badge applicants of often overlooked steps in the badging process. In most cases, adherence to these steps will ensure efficient delivery of services provided by the ID Badging Office.