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Authorized Signer Information

Authorized Signer Information

Authorized Signer Requirements
Authorized Signers are required to ensure applications are fully completed prior to authorizing the issuance of a badge. Changes to the badge application are not permitted once signed by the Authorized Signer, and the ID Badging Office will not permit changes to be made at the time the applicant arrives in the Office. Persons with incomplete applications will not be permitted to take required training courses and will not be issued a badge.

Authorized Signers shall:

  1. Ensure applicants have completed, correct applications prior to signing forms.
  2. Ensure applicants have appropriate identification to enable ID Badging Office Personnel to issue badges. For a list of acceptable documents, click here. All identification documents must be unexpired to be valid.
  3. Ensure all forms are requesting the appropriate level of clearance and correctly identify any endorsements. For example, ramp driving privileges will not be extended to an applicant unless the application correctly requests that privilege.
  4. Maintain records of individuals that have received a badge based upon an Authorized Signers approval. The ID Badging Office may audit these records at any time.
  5. Immediately report lost/stolen badges and/or keys to Airport Operations at (510) 563-3361.
  6. Immediately return badges of individuals no longer requiring access to OAK to the ID Badging Office.

Failure to do any of the above may result in revocation of Authorized Signer authority.

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