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Aviation Properties

Aviation Properties


Are You Scheduling Tenant Work?

When scheduling repairs & maintenance, please be aware of the minimum advance notice requirements regarding your submittal of the following:  Hot Work Permit, Security Escort Clearance Check (SECC), Parking Location & Vehicle Information, Tool Control Plan (TCP), Kitchen Hood & Ansul System Maintenance and Security Guard Request

  Scheduled Tenant Work - Minimum Advance Notice Requirement  (vers. 11-22-17)

Contact Lists

  Concessions Contact List    click link

Includes:  Tenant contact info for concessions operating within the terminal buildings.
Note:  This secured document is for Port of Oakland staff use only.  For access, contact Doug Johnson, Airport Properties.

  OAK Contractors Contact List    click link

Includes:  Contractors that have performed work at OAK


  Emergency Repair Procedure - Steps to Follow    click link

  Scheduled Tenant Work - Long Form click link  (Updated:  2018-12-17)

Includes complete instructions for submitting the following:  Security Escort Clearance Check (SECC), Tool Control Plan (TCP), Vehicle Access and Parking Info (including maps)

  Scheduled Tenant Work - Short Form click link  (Updated:  2018-12-17)

This document is the Scheduled Tenant Work - Short Form. In order to use this form, the Tenant must already be aware of the procedures that are detailed in the Scheduled Tenant Work - Long Form.  Those procedures must be followed in order for a Tenant to request Aviation Security (AVSEC) approval to perform scheduled non-emergency work, e.g., repairs, maintenance and improvements in the Sterile Area. Includes minimal instructions for submitting the following:  Security Escort Clearance Check (SECC), Tool Control Plan (TCP), Vehicle Access and Parking Info (including maps).

  Hot Work Permit  (vers. 11-22-17)   click link

A Hot Work Permit is required for any job(s) being done by Contractors at the Oakland International Airport, which may involve open flames or heat and/or spark producing operations such as but not limited to welding, cutting, brazing or grinding.

  Authorized Vendor & Tenant Employee List  click link

For routine deliveries access to Terminal 1 and 2 Loading Docks via the M104 and M371 roadway Security Checkpoints

  Guard Request  click link

Submit your completed Guard Request Form before this current week's Wednesday 12:00 PM Noon for security guards that you need on-site next week.

  Aviation Utilities Support Request  click link 

Please update the sample text that appears in the "Job Description" field.
Here is a sample of the completed form:  Aviation Utilities Support Request - SAMPLE click link

  Construction Safety and Security Plan (CSSP)

  Security Escort Clearance Check (SECC) - Form:  GatePassTemplate.xls  ⇐click link

The SECC requires submittal of a color photo ID. For people that you propose to be escorted within the Sterile Area, it is required that you submit a readable, focused and bright color photo of each person’s valid (not expired) state or federal government-issued photo ID (e.g., CA Driver License or Passport). The entire ID must appear in the photograph, i.e., the top edge, bottom edge, left side edge and right side edge must be shown in the photo. All information must be clearly visible. A Social Security card is unacceptable because it does not include a photo.  It is recommend that you ask all of your contractors to direct each of their technicians to take a photo of their ID with their mobile phone, then text the image directly to your mobile phone. After you have verified that the ID is valid, e.g., it is not expired, you will then fill out the GatePassTemplate.xls.

Email the completed GatePassTemplate.xls and each ID photo to Aviation Security (AVSEC): opsec@portoakland.com  

  Authorized Vendor List - Fillable Form:  2017-02-07 Authorized Vendor List - Fillable Form - UPDATED.docx ⇐click link


  Tool Control Plan Form ...coming soon!

  Parking Permission Request Form ...coming soon!


  Map - Terminal 1 Loading Dock   click link

Note: Routinely used by concession tenants' vendors; Bldg. M102;  After deliveries or loading is completed, box truck can be staged at Terminal 1 Parking Lot 214 (directions are included in this document)

  Map - Terminal 2 Loading Dock  click link

Note: Routinely used by concession tenants' vendors; Bldg. M367

  Map - Terminal 2 - "T2 Lot"  (contractor parking) click link

Note: Parking location used by Terminal 2 concession tenants' contractors; Bldg. M367

  Map – Loading Dock at Terminal 1 Ticketing Area (Bldg. M101) click link

Note: Rarely used by concession tenants' vendors;  Accessed when Terminal 1 Loading Dock (Bldg. M102) is closed due to construction activity.  Large truck access is limited.

  Map - Terminal 1 Parking Lot 214  click link

Note:  Concession Tenants' contractors use only;  At the far end of the lot, trucks can park parallel to the curb, occupying several parking spaces

  Terminal Concessions Map ...coming soon!

  Map - Footpath Route from T2 Lot to T2 Bag Claim and T2 Passenger Security Checkpoint click link

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