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Oakland International Airport (OAK) Airline Competition Plan

Oakland International Airport (OAK) Airline Competition Plan

Oakland International (OAK) is known nation-wide as a leading airport facility that fosters airline competition and accommodates new entrant carriers. Although Southwest Airlines operates over 60% of the daily non-stop domestic capacity at OAK, this market share has declined from nearly 70% in 1999. This change comes not because of service reductions at Southwest, but because of new entrant airlines and expansion of service by other carriers at OAK.

Oakland International's policies and agreements provide the nearly ideal environment to foster airline competition. At OAK, Airport policies create significant financial incentives for incumbent airlines to pursue handling agreements with new entrant carriers, thereby increasing competition. Airlines do not hold leases, there are no exclusive use boarding rooms or gates, and incumbent carriers and ground handlers compete vigorously to handle new airlines.

Oakland International is one of many airports in the United States that is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to produce and update an Airline Competition Plan. This document sets forth, in detail, how the airport creates an environment that promotes competition among airlines through its rules, regulations, rates and facilities.

Click the links below to view OAK's Airline Competition Plan and related correspondence with the FAA.