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Go From the Train to the Plane – Take BART to OAK!

The Oakland Airport BART station is located just across from the Terminal 1 baggage claim area and a short walk from Terminal 2.

Hours of operation will be coordinated with general BART hours.

Travel time between the airport and Coliseum is 8 minutes.


Buy your train ticket at the BART Station. Fares are based on where you are going. BART ticket machines at the station accept debit/credit and U.S. currency only. Currency ex-change and ATM’s are not available at the BART Station, so be sure to use these services at the airport before you get there.

BART to OAK fare gates are located only at the Coliseum Station.

Information booth is located at Coliseum Station Platform 3.


Luggage may be stowed under your seat or held in your lap, in order to keep the car aisles clear. Some cars have space cleared by the doors to accommodate wheel-chairs, bikes or strollers. If the space is not being used by a person with a disability, you may store your luggage there, but please keep it within your control at all times.

All BART stations are accessible to the disabled. Elevators and faregates designated for the disabled may also be used by airline passengers with luggage.

BART to OAK: Step by Step Video
Frequently Asked Questions

Sample one-way adult fares between OAK and these select BART stations:

Downtown SF BART stations $10.05
Downtown Oakland stations $7.85
Downtown Berkeley Station $8.50
Walnut Creek Station $9.70
Fremont Station $ 9.85
Dublin Pleasanton Station $ 9.80

Fare listings can be found at www.bart.gov/tickets/calculator

Buy a youth, senior or disabled ticket in advance for a 62.5% discount. You can also use your Clipper card.

Visit bart.gov/tickets for info.